Jason Pocklington



Jason Pocklington artist.jpg

Born in Paris, raised around the world.

Lyon - Montpellier - Auckland - Asunción - Toronto - Paris - New York

This young designer views our world as a giant playground. As he moves from one place to the next, he fully immerses himself in the different cultures he comes into contact with and is constantly inspired by his surroundings.

As a teenager, Jason spent most of his time painting graffiti in various cities. As a young adult, he moved to Toronto where he helped build custom Canadian homes. In 2012, he came back to France and spent his early twenties at the prestigious  Ecole Boulle in the heart of Paris where true masters taught him the art of furniture design and furniture making. After graduating with honors, he was hired by  Christian Dior as an interior architect and today he brings his knowledge of building and design to the international luxury market.

There are three main aspects to Jason Pocklington’s work: minimalist shapes, elegant proportions and most of all, his ability to showcase natural materials in their rawest state.

Every piece of furniture is designed and named after a particular place on earth, influenced by a particular environment, created to tell it’s own story.