YUMA DESK, 2015.

Yuma is a city located in Arizona, USA. It is considered as the sunniest place on earth.
Working no longer means being stuck between four walls. The Yuma outdoor desk has been ergonomically designed to enable the user to work comfortably outside – feeling the sand between their toes while enjoying a clear view of their laptop. The handcrafted desk is made of high tech surface material DuPont Corian® in combination with sandblasted Red Cedar and Iroko woods.

"Whenever it is sunny, I am always attracted by the sun and I feel the need to be outside, which is how Yuma came about,” explains Pocklington. “I wanted to invent a way to work comfortably in an outdoor environment. There are many challenges of course: the sun is often too bright for a laptop screen. Materials have to be weather durable, and the ergonomy needs to be different than for the interior space. As a designer I am always looking for solutions to problems we face as our world evolves. I have experienced different working environments and I think that we still have a long way to go as far as design is concerned.” 

© J. Pocklington, Amy Humphries.