YUMA DESK, 2015.

Yuma is a city located in Arizona, USA. It is considered as the sunniest place on earth.

The industrial and communication revolutions have impacted our work environments. As humans free themselves from physical constraints, working no longer means being stuck between four walls. The Yuma outdoor desk has been ergonomically designed to enable the user to work comfortably outside.

The design features a rounded, thermoformed desk top in Corian® and a wooden screen, which spins 180° to shade the user and enable a laptop screen to be seen clearly. The curved edge of the desk has been inlaid with long, thin strips of Iroko wood – creating the impression that a board of wood has been sandwiched between the sheets, while at the same time, allowing for the screen to spin. The desk’s screen is made of Red Cedar wood which has been sandblasted to remove the soft grain of the wood, enabling wind to pass through the screen, but keeping out the sun.

The Yuma desk reflects the evolution of technology, by combining traditional handcrafting techniques, as well as modern technology such as CNC milling and thermoforming. 

© J. Pocklington, Amy Humphries.